Fatgrip, a nominee of the Hartford Advocates "Best New Group" of 2009, and "Best Punk Band" of 2012, 2013, 2014 are known for their great songs, fantastic vocals, and memorable live performances. Based out of West Hartford Connecticut, Fatgrip continues to write/record new material that is catchy and radio friendly yet new and fresh. Singer/Guitarist Jimmy Sixx, Bassist Matty White Pants and Drummer Andy Partridge are steadily winning new fans and devotees with their songwriting blend of Pop Alternative Rock with hooky choruses that everyone can sing along to.


Jimmy Sixx, charismatic front man and leader of the Fatgrip clan brings his pop songwriting sensibility, powerful vocals, and Marshall tone inspired guitar work to the group. A native of West Hartford CT, he has performed throughout New England and even internationally honing his craft and dedicating his efforts to the success of Fatgrip. His vocal style is often compared to cross between the attitude of Billie Joe Armstrong with the bravado and powerfulness of the late Freddie Mercury.


Matty White Pants Fatgrip’s energetic bassist and band stylist brings his vast knowledge of musical instruments, instrumentation and appreciation of alternative styles of music brings uniqueness to the Fatgrip group. Matty’s pulsating groove and visual performances on stage provides the perfect complement to Fatgrip’s music in the live setting. In addition to being the quintessential Rock Star on and off stage, Matty educates today’s youth in the musical sciences.


In addition to being a successful childhood actor, Fatgrip drummer Andy Partridge has accumulated over a decade of touring and recording experience giving the group an experienced, polished beat keeper who plays to the strengths of the song and provides the canvas to the Fatgrip sound. Andy’s fun and exciting play style add to the visual interest of the band live. Off stage Andy’s warm, welcoming personality and great stories make him a fan favorite to share a beer with at a show. Andy’s other passion is his new show on facebook “Professor Parker’s Storm Updates” which updates fans on the latest weather.